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Meet Dr Arturo Rey da Silva...

I am a maritime archaeologist and a cultural heritage professional working to bring, understand, and preserve the messages of the past towards contributing to a better and more sustainable future. I am currently an Honor Frost Foundation Scholar in Marine Cultural Heritage at the University of Edinburgh. My research focuses on the contribution of Marine Cultural Heritage to economic, social, and environmental sustainable development, notably in East Africa and the eastern Mediterranean.

How do you connect with water?

I understand the ocean, seas, rivers, and lakes as THE network that binds all people, animals, lands, and ecosystems together, being the driving force that regulates all life on our planet. The Ocean is the vast platform that connects people, biodiversity, and nature, resulting in a huge diversity of cultural manifestations as footprints of that interaction. Swimming, diving, living the sea and by the sea, its dynamism and understanding its struggles in my personal and professional life make me feel part of this vast Network and make me committed to its preservation.

What fuels your love for the ocean?

My favorite thing about the oceans, lakes, and rivers are their dynamism, buoyancy, and generative power of culture as space where nature and society communicate, resulting in cultural expressivity, biocultural diversity, and marine heritage legacy.
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