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Meet Tara Williams...

I’m a marine ecologist and conservationist currently based in Falmouth, Cornwall, where I’m studying a PhD investigating the effects of seabed disturbance on the storage of ‘blue’ carbon. Within marine biology, I particularly love communicating science to audiences from different backgrounds and using more unconventional media to do so, be it art, photography or hands-on practical workshops. I’ve been lucky enough to participate in fieldwork – my other big marine love! – in the Caribbean, Australia and the Maldives, but I have a real soft spot for the beautiful and biodiverse marine habitats we have off our UK shorelines.

How do you connect with water?

For the past 5 years, I’ve worked part-time as a watersports instructor which has been a brilliant way to connect – and connect others – with the sea. I’m very keen to stress the safety aspect of any water-based activity, but also how much fun and freedom you can experience when surfing, swimming, kayaking or paddleboarding. I’m also currently completing my PADI SCUBA Instructor training which allows me to feel immense peace and connection with water especially when helping others to bridge the gap between land and sea.

What fuels your love for the ocean?

I love how there is something very special about water – be it from the oceans, lakes or rivers – that we still, scientifically, can’t put our finger on, and also don’t need to. Water mesmerises people from all countries and all cultures. It is our lifeblood and underpins our connection to the rest of the natural world. My favourite thing about the oceans I study is that they still manage to enchant and surprise me every day.
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