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Meet Dr. Paul Montgomery...

Paul has fifteen years of experience in the field of maritime archaeology and history. He has worked on a range of archaeological sites and their material culture in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. His primary areas of interest include: the study of material culture, intangible cultural heritage and environmental evidence of interaction via true proxy species (shellfish, fish and sea birds/mammals).

How do you connect with water?

From my earliest memory, the ocean has always been part of my life. While learning to walk as an infant on a family holiday in the Isle of Man, I went from crawling to running directly into the breakers of waves much to the shock of my parents!

What fuels your love for the ocean?

My first classroom was sitting at the back of the east pier in Dublin Bay fishing, learning the pattern of the tide and fish. When you spend long periods at sea you learn to respect the power and the capacity of the ocean, where it can change from flat and still to huge waves in what seems an hour.
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